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In a new and changing world, corporate are looking to attain leadership.

We introduce ourselves as a Law Firm dealing in all matters relating to Intellectual Property Laws viz :- trademarks, copyrights, patents and designs. We undertake protection, prosecution and enforcement of the above rights by filing civil and criminal cases incase of any violations thereof by third parties.

Knowledge and solutions set in the framework in Intellectual Property Law. Solutions that adhere to global standards. For achievement of leadershipIn a new and changing world, corporate are looking to attain leadership.

Over the years we have developed strong association with our clients (both domestic and international, which are in excess of 5000 in number) to whom we offer our services relating exclusively to all propositions under Intellectual Property Rights. We also undertake, file and advise on filing cases of cybersquatting when there is misuse of ones reputed trade mark by use thereof as a domain name on the internet by others.

ASIAN PATENT BUREAU maintains a full-time team of qualified personnel. This group of dynamic professionals of proven merit, equipped with contemporary information systems, is geared up and ready to serve you.



In a new and changing world, corporate are looking to attain leadership. ASIAN PATENT BUREAU is here to help you fulfill that mission. A mission in which ASIAN PATENT BUREAU can redefine and set the standards as a provider of Intellectual Property Rights as Trademark, Copyright, Brand, Logo, Trade Name, Web Name, Slogan and Design Registrations & Litigations there of since the year 1980 in INDIA.


The Firm enjoys the services of some of the Top IP Professionals in the Country. The list of Firm's members includes highly experienced IP lawyers, Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents and Patent Consultants from all technical fields including some of top ex-officials of Indian Patent Office, IP professionals exclusively handling the International and National Phase work under PCT, as well as Copyright and Design consultants.


Our strength lies in strong entrepreneurial skills, experience of Intellectual Property Law, business process knowledge and operational skills. ASIAN PATENT BUREAU, reached to mass via ordinary people and business family thus widened its ambit. The ASIAN PATENT BUREAU on the firmament of today’s registration world is a twinkling star paving way to prevailing potential segment, which is giving direction to business family on the road of development.

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