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The process of taking legal action.
Litigations :

We provide Litigation services in anti-counterfeiting, criminal law & cyber law For IP matters, the principal Courts having jurisdiction to try suits are the District Courts. There are 600 District Courts in India and we are uniquely poised to file and defend suits in most of these Courts, apart from the High Courts of New Delhi, Bombay (Mumbai), Kolkata and Madras (Chennai).

Litigation is the process of fighting or defending a case in a civil court of law. The settlement ends more than four years of litigation on behalf of the residents. Synonyms: lawsuit, case, action, process More Synonyms of litigation. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

Our litigation services extend to:

* Appeals from orders of the patent & trade mark office

* Suits for passing off and infringements.

* Anti-counterfeit actions

* Prosecuting and defending civil suits for infringement of trade marks, patents, designs and copyrights

* Criminal cases for trade marks and copyrights

* Anti-piracy measures

* Write Petitions

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