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"Due Diligence

Due diligence is a measure of prudence, activity, or assiduity.

The Importance of IP Due Diligence :

Identifying, capturing and protecting your intellectual property is one thing. Actively enforcing your IP rights in the fight against patent infringement, third party infringement, copyright infringement, trademark infringement and theft of trade secrets is another.

We empower our attorneys to defend our clients’ intellectual property. If someone is using, selling, importing your patented product or process without your permission, there are steps you can take to stop them. To speak to one of our attorneys about preventing IP infringement, engaging in dispute resolution or taking legal action.

Our Experience :

From helping identify and capture intellectual property assets to assessing IP agreements, ownership, scope, infringement and enforcement, we have assisted many organisations with due diligence on third party IP (leading to strategic acquisitions and in-licensing). We have also helped guide and defend companies through rounds of due diligence in applications for funding and prior to acquisition.

Many companies are unaware of the value of their IP, and in turn, how they can leverage these assets. We believe in providing commercial advice for our clients that will help them raise funding, improve the marketability of their company, prepare a solid exit strategy, or strengthen their position through acquisition.

We work with our clients, from advising counsel as part of a large transactions and assessing potential gaps in an IP portfolio that might hinder a future strategy, through to advising on profitable licensing deals and go-to market strategies.

Due diligence projects often require a rapid response. We work quickly and efficiently to conduct a detailed examination of a portfolio and advise on the strongest path to take. Our experience in developing IP portfolios, as well as litigating IP disputes, allows us to quickly determine if there are weaknesses in the portfolio. We have worked with our clients to identify IP assets that are undervalued, and ready for further development.

Whether our clients are licensing their IP rights to others, or are seeking investment funds, their IP rights will come under intense scrutiny. Our business focused approach to portfolio management creates IP that will withstand that scrutiny, and we will provide the expert advice necessary to present the value of that IP to prospective licensees and investors. To talk more about IP due diligence, please click here.

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