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"Trademark Registration

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Trademark Registration :

Marketing professionals know that a strong brand identity is the reason that customers choose one product or service over another, and that embodied within a brand are all the values, qualities, characteristics or personality that a brand owner aspires to communicate to its customers.

What many brand owners sadly overlook is how vulnerable those brands can be unless they are protected effectively.

Registering a trade mark helps ensure that income is not lost and is a powerful weapon in preventing the abuse of a brand by competitors or criminals intent on misleading consumers.

We advise clients before they embark on the launch of a new product about the existing trade marks in their market sector, and take steps to differentiate their branding in such a way as to ensure it does not infringe existing trade mark registrations and ensure that the proposed new brand is itself capable of being protected.

Giving our clients commercially focused advise in relation to the use and protection of their brands prevents costly mistakes and ensures that they maximise the value of their brand.

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